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Since its inaugural conference at Elon University in March of 2019, Leading Women in Audio has garnered support from corporate sponsors, industry professionals, and a variety of academic institutions.

As one of the founding co-chairs, I co-led the Steering Committee for two years, overseeing and guiding all conference-related marketing, online management, graphic design, hospitality preparations, and technical support via weekly meetings and email reminders to keep everyone on schedule and on task.

Read more about the Leading Women in Audio conference here.

As Lead Engineer, I created a number of systems to increase studio efficiency, workplace equity, and staff accountability:

  • Wrote the first staff handbook with supervisor feedback and approval

  • Implemented a faculty/student feedback survey system

  • Designed hiring application and interview processes, including objective criteria and scoring systems

  • Developed new web-based, streamlined forms for booking studio time to ensure equitable access to studios for 70+ music production students

  • Adjusted staff responsibilities to meet shifting faculty/student needs in light of Covid-19

  • Provided deadlines and support to staff members leading projects relating to Covid-19

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